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a whole new ball game

the concept of branding, as we know of it, has changed. consumers – fully aware of the world, thanks to social media (facebook, twitter, youtube etc.) – no longer believe what brands have to say, but what they practice. growth means not just looking different, but creating something fresh. new businesses, new experiences, new products and new services. all joined up and inspired by the core brand they branch from. we use brands to inspire amazing new things that deliver spectacular growth. we give our clients solutions that helps them grow in leaps and bounds.

what we can do for you

branding: brand strategy, brand architecture, brand naming, brand identity, corporate branding, brand management, brand positioning, storytelling, taglines, positioning & brand consultancy

graphic design: brochure design, catalogue design, book cover design, movie poster design, gig poster, newspaper layout & poster design

packaging design

digital: web design, blog design, user interface (ui) for handheld/mobile devices and user experience design

space design: office branding, branded environments, retail outlet branding, pos design, restaurant interior design, hotel interior design, architecture, interior branding and signage design

we’ve successfully done this for several clients. imagine what we could do for you. drop us your thoughts on info [at] hdegr [dot] ee

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