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Preet Chandhoke


Not everyday we come face to face with clients that let us do our job our way. In this case, however, we had the full liberty and freedom from Preet Chandhoke to design his personal card & website. He let us take full charge of the job and asked us to show him only the finished product. But there was a catch: it had to be something exceptionally different (boy had we got a nickel for everytime someone said that).

About Preet
Preet Chandhoke is the CEO of 01 Synergy, a 10 year old IT company, which he started on returning from Canada. He’s proud to be a Sikh, loves to travel around the globe, is a full-time indulgent foodie, a self proclaimed Outsourcing Guru, a Blackberry addict and an Apple geek. You can visit him on Twitter & Facebook.

We knew that Preet was expecting something out of this world, and settling for anything less would’ve been impossible. In short, stakes were high and our asses were on the line. Therefore, we asked for the longest possible deadline (which boiled down to 3 months).

The first two months were spent looking at ‘already done to death‘ ideas. Regardless, on this deep-web expedition we came across several intelligent and witty concepts. These only re-assured us of the challenging journey ahead.

With only a week left into the deadline, we had nothing substantial. But on the second day of the last week, we finally had our Big Idea. The next day, we called Preet in – at our office – for a photo shoot. And once the shoot was over, Preet went back home full of curiosity and excitement.
Note: We wanted to use wit and humour to portray Preet in a fresh new avatar. So we simply took what we knew of him and added the missing piece of the puzzle.

Final Work
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