We were in-charge of naming, brand identity, brochure, literature and stationary i.e. everything (and this is what we want). The idea took off the moment we laid eyes on the property- all we had to do was connect the dots.

Next, we created 5 spaces in the heart-like organ to symbolise the human senses.

The next big challenge was in naming this ambitious project. We went down several roads. The obvious ones, including “chail holiday homes” triggered off only suicidal tendencies. we wanted to do something different, something fresh. We looked deeper and harder. And, the answer was a mathematical function.

Hyperbolic functions.

The answer had been there, in front of our eyes the whole time. In concise, if you’ve got two left feet in maths, “cot h” is a hyperbolic function and it refers to the inter-relatedness of ┬álines found in nature. It also had a nice ring to it. “cot” + “h” does sound like “cottage” and it also an abbreviation for cottage on the hill.

We have a winner.