hangout | the lounge bar | valentine campaign

When we arrived at hangout, a lounge bar, to get briefed, we were told that the place was nowhere on the lets-go-here-tonight map. Now, if I honestly told you, in my opinion, I was puzzled at first because one can step into this lounge and kick back in an ambience that tingles all your senses Рfrom the lights that adjust with the mood, the European-like sofas allow you to outstretch that extra bit, the food makes you want to forget about all those diets (even though they have something in store for health buffs), and the service is simply hands on.


To build the brand (simply because people are unaware of its¬†existence). An added plus for Valentine’s Day festivities, couples would be greeted with wine, heart shaped candles, cake and the works – ensuring a good time that can be remembered for ages.


From the days that build up to, and the day itself, Valentine’s Day ads all look alike i.e. pink and red colours, lots of hearts, and the age old rant about spending it with that special someone. At h degree, we wanted to do something different, to be precise, we wanted to speak differently and make a bold statement – adding an attitude that attracts a certain kind of audience.

Our Simple Idea

Yes, bring your special someone, but, if you bring her friends along – you’ll be rewarded.

Final Work

This is the first ad to roll out in the papers.

The second ad that released (with a gap of a day, on the eve)

Here’s a poster that was put up in select cafes and colleges.

And a standee that has been permanently set on the premise.