Chefs Gateway

Jagat Singh & Sons Agencies (the client), a supplier to the horeca industry, approached us with a brief to help them expand with a b2c model in addition to b2b  activities. This not only meant designing a great logo and brochure but identifying a brand strategy and a suitable name to become synonymous with a full-fledged retail outlet.

Based on our extensive research and homework [including spending endless hours with the client, a pint in hand] we narrowed down the idea from a simple insight.

As a seller of the greatest gourmet food products in the region, used to prepare michelin worthy meals, we wanted to talk directly to the chef of the house. A passionate individual willing to go that extra mile for  dinner time.

We wanted the brand to evoke a positive response and instantly connect to it’s target audience with a relatable persona. The brand name, chef’s gateway, symbolised all the emotions we wanted to drive home. the colour pallates, print design, materials used to execute carry bags and stationery were carefully picked for their earthy notes.

With initial success and positive response from customers, we worked closely with the client to develop a customer relationship programme. we coined it as “le cuisinier club” producing a loyalty programme kit equipped with a registration form, club card and membership details.


A corporate website, for jssa, was also designed based on the new corporate brand image. It allowed for prospective customers, investors, traders and distributors to better understand and connect with the company.

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