The client gave us a simple brief: a fast food joint that delivers healthy and happy, quickly. Wraps and rolls being the tasty culprits.

After some initial rounds of hitting our head against the wall, the light-bulb moment happened over some land dispute on Farmville. We decided to make our product the star of the evening and the rest fell into place automatically.

The idea reboots the image of wrap and roll into two tongue-in-cheek characters and their imaginary world. The idea grew organically instantly.

Comics, merchandise and store branding followed later.

Meet the stars: Wrap and Roll.

More comics.

The menu.

Menu option 2.

Other options that were also under scrutiny.

We used visuals and imagery in conjunction with the logo to portray a fantasy world. Here are two options out of which one was finalized.


Takeaway box.

Indoor menu on location 2.


The final logo.

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