Duravolt – Electrical Switches


What we did:

Naming  Logo Stationary  Packaging  Presentation

Safe electrical for your home

H Degree was hired to develop the identity for an electrical switches company into the manufacturing of plugs and switches. Naming, identity and corporate stationery design that elevated market perception.

We began work with the aim of creating a familiar and recognisable brand, easy to relate to and flexible for various product applications. our initial findings and research revealed numerous me-too brands with an aggressive competitive-price-based strategy. A clear distinction had to be drawn from the locally manufactured, inferior in design and quality, brands.

After discussing several possibilities and options, we zeroed in on “duravolt”, a short hand for durable voltage. the name reflects safety and long life, enabling the brand to build initial relation  with prospective customers, vendors and distributors.

The next challenge was of designing an identity/logo capable of expressing an electrical switches company without limitations of execution.

The negative space between the letters “L” & “T” creates a lightening bolt and the italicized letters add forward movement.