30th Feb : Experience Design

30th Feb - An Eyewear Store

Change the way you buy your eyewear!

30th Feb, as the name suggests, wanted to be different from the regular monotonous approach of an eyewear store. They wanted a very clean and fresh UI design with a great UX to give a heightened User Experience the likes of which they deliver at their stores in Gurgaon. With the help of integrated social media feeds we were able to bring them at pace with the world around them. Through their website design they wanted to bring out their uniqueness of the brand, credentials of their technical expertise and a really friendly interface for the user. They did not want to use the logos of the brands they house.

Our solution:


The layout has been kept very neat & clean . Even the content part has been kept to the bare minimum. We have used fluidic orientation & a responsive design i.e. the design and development responds to the user’s behaviour and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.

Navigation & Pages:

For the wide screen on pc’s and laptops we have a drop down slide navigation in the menu for enhanced UX and an appealing UI design for the website. It gives a bit dramatic yet sophisticated feel to the website environment. In case of the tablet and phone orientation, the menu has been a left slide in one, a path navigation.

The brands have been depicted using their brand image to have a connect between the website and theirs, that proves more authenticity. The brand images have been directed to their parents website pages where people can know more about the brand and their collections, since they do not have a catalogue of our own.